v0.9.1 - Major Update

We changed a lot of stuff in this version. 

First of all, we changed the way the notes work, now it's two circles that cross when the note plays. This makes it more intuitive to know when you have to shoot the note. We also made the balls bigger and we enlarged their hitbox.

Second, we have changed the modifiers/difficulty settings. Now you can choose between simple and advanced mode. Being Simple a basic Easy-Normal-Hard system predefined and Advanced shows all the possible modifiers. This will make playing easier and less intimidating for new players and will allow experienced players to keep choosing their personal favourite combination of modifiers.

And last, but not least, we made a little change in the small ball that helps you know which note will play next. Now, when the next note is far from the last one, the ball will divide into 3 to help you keep track of it more easily.

We hope you like all the changes we add to the game and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Albert Vegara - Lead Programmer - Kyoko Games


SoundStorm.zip 139 MB
May 21, 2019


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